Magician Paula Baird, a good friend of the Davenport family, kept the cork from a bottle of sparkling wine which was part of her 69th birthday celebration. The cork now resides in the Davenport Collection. Her note kept with it reads: ‘Cork from bottle when I spent my 69th birthday with kids and Shirley. It was super. I even had a cake with one candle!! 27/5/87.’ At this time Paula lived in retirement in Norwich, England. For safe keeping, she had rolled up her note and tucked it into the wire around the cork.

British magician Cliff Townsend gave this to John and Anne Davenport in August 1981. On the front of the bone china plate he had stuck the roundel from the cover of The Magic Circular from the June and July, 1959 issue. It shows George Davenport on the right welcoming Dr Harlan Tarbell to the Annual Banquet as the Hon. Editor John Young looks on.

This crest was kept by Gus Davenport who served on the destroyer HMS Keppel during WW2. The crest is made from wood from a packing case – wartime shortages! The motto translates as: Do not give in to evil.

The tray may be used to add additional cards to a pack of cards placed on it. The instructions are on a carbon copy from L. Davenport & Co. 39 New Oxford Street. London. W.C.1.

First one boomerang, and then the other, appears to be the longest. When the magician wishes, the red boomerang can be shown to be the shorter by placing one boomerang on top of the other. This latter feature is not possible with the traditional boomerang trick, which depends solely on an optical illusion and the presentation skills of the magician. The boomerangs are stamped PL | PAT. PEND for the Petrie-Lewis Manufacturing Company, Newhaven, Connecticut, USA.

The magician shows the pipe which has two tassels hanging from it on cords. The cords are apparently joined, because when one tassel is pulled down, the other rises up. The magician then separates the pipe into two pieces. The audience is amazed to see that when the tassel is pulled down on one half of the pipe, the tassel on the other half moves up exactly as if the cord was still joined. The effect is magical and amusing. As always, the entertainment value depends largely on the quality of the patter used. The pipe was made and sold by Burtini Magic. The illustrated description is from a Burtini catalogue.

The magician places the end of a length of rope into the vase. Once the magic word is spoken the vase hangs on the rope in defiance of gravity. The magician can even swing the vase around on the end of the rope. Rope and vase may be examined by the audience. Note that the Davenport demon trademark is on the base of the vase.