Penn & Teller were at the Apollo Theatre, Hammersmith, London for five nights in 2010. This item, which is a souvenir brochure rather than a programme, was available there.

This is full of interesting information and photographs about Wayne Dobson’s career up to the early 1990s. It is a brochure rather than a programme.

The layout of this programme is unusual. It lists sixty-six performers or acts, which is far too many to be the programme for the evening. This is more likely to be a list of performers who have entertained at one or more of the previous concerts. The programme also includes illustrations for around twenty acts, so perhaps the evening’s entertainment was made up by some or all of these. The names include Mr. Frederic Russell, Mr. James Stuart, Mr. David Devant and Mr. Sidney Gandy and Miss Inglefield. The list of acts to be found in the details for this item is based on all those acts illustrated in the programme.