Unknown manufacturer. An elaborate version of this trick is given in a 1930s Davenport catalogue: the performer borrows two rings and drops them into the pan, then he breaks in eggs and other ingredients to suit taste. He now mixes the whole lot together finally setting fire to it, and putting the lid on. After a few seconds he removes the lid, and out fly two doves with the borrowed rings tied around their necks with ribbon.

Around 1930 Lewis Davenport featured Mickey Mouse in his stage act. The family also obtained permission from Disney to feature Mickey on coloured silk handkerchiefs. The family was therefore fond of items which showed Mickey. These two badges, found in the collection, may have belonged to Lewis’s children.

This was found in a Davenport storeroom, unfortunately with no contents. It has been suggested, but not proven, that this box might have been produced by Davenports as a prize for a competition in the boys’ magazine “Champion”.

This glass is filled with a coloured liquid and then the magician can produce a dry handkerchief from it. This model, although serviceable, is not as well manufactured as that shown under Ref. No. N16.