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Questions often asked about Davenports magic business, the collection and family members.

Talks on Magic History and Entertainment

The Davenport family and other collectors and historians have recreated their illustrated talks.


Selected References

Published books and articles by or about family members and the collection.


Posters & Showcards

Search by performers, theatre, year etc.

Programmes & Handbills

Search by performers, theatre, year etc.

Other Ephemera

Photographs, letters, postcards, etc.


Look here for magic apparatus, magic sets and magic related items such as association pieces, trophies and badges for clubs.

Novelties, Toys, Games & Jokes

This broad section covers many specialist areas such as automata, jokes, pop-up books and unusual clocks. It does not include puzzles.


The vast majority of the puzzles are mechanical puzzles rather than word or mathematical puzzles.

Catalogues & Advertising Leaflets

The collection is rich in items from Davenports and other magic suppliers, as well as catalogues from novelty wholesalers and retailers.


The articles cover a wide range of magic and entertainment history topics. The articles have been contributed by the Davenport family and other collectors and historians.


Mainly taken by the family from the 1930s onwards, the films include magic, magicians and entertainment from the UK and overseas.