The Davenports have been accumulating magic, puzzles, jokes, novelties and related ephemera ever since Lewis Davenport founded Davenports magic business in 1898.

It was not until the 1980s that we made a start on assessing the breadth and depth of what the family owned. Progress has since been made on communicating the contents of the collection to those interested in the history of magic and entertainment:

  • Specialist talks given at gatherings of magic history enthusiasts and researchers.
  • Articles in magic journals.
  • Books about the history of the Maskelynes, Will Goldston and the Davenports and their association with famous magical personalities.
  • This website, started in 2016, now has well over 2000 items on it. Contents cover the 19th to the 21st century.

Another purpose of the website is to make available specialist talks and articles by leading historians and collectors. Such talks and articles are often hard or impossible to find elsewhere.

A good way to explore the scope of the website is to look first at the Content Overview page. The search facility is also very powerful.

People with an interest in this website will also be interested in two related sites:

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