The bill includes ‘Arcana’ which was first produced on 5 November 1887, according to Jenness, and ‘Cleopatra’s Needle’ which was revived in December 1887. This programme is therefore probably for the Christmas season 1887. The Christmas season often extended well into the following year.

The bill includes ‘The Bloomsbury Proper-ganders of Spiritualism’ which was first produced on 5 November 1887, according to Jenness. The programme includes ‘Special engagement for the Christmas holidays of Mr. Charles Bertram’. The likely date is therefore the Christmas season 1888.

1880 is pencilled on the cover, but the date is more likely early 1881. The programme includes the sketch ‘The Temptations of Good St. Anthony’ which, according to Jenness in his Egyptian Hall book, was introduced on 11 November 1880. Jenness also says that on 27 January 1881 Maskelyne announced that there would be no evening performances on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, which is consistent with the details in this programme.

The bill includes ‘Arcana’ which was first produced on 5 November 1887, according to Jenness. ‘Arcana’ continued for at least 8 months into 1888. The bill is identical to that of programme Ref. no. N1568, so the date may well be summer 1888. Note that this programme is Price one penny, whereas no price is given on N1568.

6th year in London. The programme date will be soon after 30 March 1878 because it mentions that Messrs. Turquand & Pelham in their Dramatic and Mimetic Recitals are also performing at the Hall. An earlier programme (Ref. no. N1496) tells us that these recitals will be ‘on and after 30 March’. Part of the back page is not readable as a result of the programme being removed from a scrapbook. This may explain why no printer’s date is visible.

Page 3 of the programme mentions that ‘Arcana’ and Le Cocon are in preparation. According to the Jenness book on the Egyptian Hall, ‘Arcana’ was first produced on 5 November 1887. De Kolta appeared at the Hall from 23 December 1886, but he first presented Le Cocon, which is not on this bill, on 2 May 1887. Therefore the likely date of this programme is 23 December 1886 to 2 May 1887. Note that the insurance advertisement on page 4 mentions financial figures for the year ending 25 Mar 1886.

Maskelyne and Cooke Egyptian Hall programme. Someone has written on the cover of the programme the date 1875. This would be consistent with Psycho being in the programme. Psycho was introduced by Maskelyne on 13 January 1875. In the early days, Psycho only played whist, as on this programme. Later on, Psycho performed other tasks as well as whist.