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Grace Egerton and George Case perform at The Egyptian Hall and Spa Concert Room, Harrogate. 19th century

The three items pasted onto the sheet of paper are a poster and a newspaper clip for the Egyptian Hall, and a programme for the Spa Concert Room, Harrogate. Miss Grace Egerton (Mrs. George Case) entertains as an actress, singer and danseuse. Her husband adds to the entertainment. This is one of the items contained in a wooden box of 19th century ephemera, mainly relating to the Egyptian Hall. To view all the items from the box, click on View Details and then the Key Phrase ‘Wooden box items’.

Item Details

Size Three items are pasted onto a sheet of paper. Poster: 235 x 285mm. Newspaper clip: 70 x 35mm. Two page Harrogate programme: each page 225 x 120mm.
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Date The date hand written on the newspaper article about the Egyptian Hall performance is 22 April 1862. The date printed on the Spa Concert Room, Harrogate programme is 17 August 1872.
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Acts Miss Grace Egerton (Mrs. George Case), Mr George Case
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Ref no N1986 Ep.EH41