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Monsieur Levassor with his ‘Scènes et Chansons Comiques’ at the Egyptian Hall, 1863

M. Levassor performed his ‘Scenes and Comic Songs’ at the Dudley Gallery, Egyptian Hall with the help of Madame Teisseire. A programme dated 20 June is illustrated. The press cuttings confirm that the performances ran in May and June 1863. It is not clear whether they started earlier. This is one of the items contained in a wooden box of 19th century ephemera, mainly relating to the Egyptian Hall. To view all the items from the box, click on View Details and then the Key Phrase ‘Wooden box items’.

Item Details

Size Programme: 135 x 210mm. Cutting with print: 160 x 125mm.
Date 1863
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Acts Monsieur Levassor with Madame Teisseire
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Ref no N1996 Ep.EH50