A special edition miniature version of Pierre Mayer’s magic automata. The quick change artist Valerie disappears behind her parasol, and her dress changes from red to black and back again. This was a gift from John & Anne Davenport to Tony Middleton for his 70th birthday. It also recognised all the help Tony had been giving on restoring automata in the Davenport Collection. It is included on this website with Tony’s permission.

This is a wonderful battery operated novelty for those with a sense of humour. Flick the switch on the top of the box to the ON position. Immediately the box opens and a wooden finger comes out to push the switch back to the OFF position, before vanishing back into the box. A box that doesn’t want to be opened – how useless is that? The box, made out of laser cut wood, comes in kit form.

When a coin is placed in the slot on the top of the box, the battery operated box starts juddering and the ‘thing’ inside puts out a hand and grabs the coin.

Made by www.ging-ko.co.uk. The book lights up when it is opened. It is possible to open it up to 360 degrees because the front and back of the book are held together with magnets. Complete with original box. Purchased in the UK for £35 in 2019. The country of origin is China.

When the vertical stem is pulled to one side and released, it vibrates backwards and forwards and the time appears suspended in mid-air. Purchased in 1997. Complete with original box and instructions. The box says Copyright Hoffman Products, Int’l.