This programme is in the Paul Kieve Collection. We are grateful for his permission in 2019 to display it on this website. The programme lists 13 items which can be found by clicking on View Details. Interestingly, the programme states: Owing to the extreme length of the programme, the public are respectfully requested not to indulge in indiscriminate encores, otherwise part of it must necessarily be omitted.

Although 1875 is pencilled on the cover, the likely date is earlier. Psycho, first shown on 13 January 1875, is not included in the programme. However The Indescribable Phenomena Seance is in the programme. According to Jenness’s book on the Egyptian Hall, this was ‘a new feature tonight’ on 28 October 1874.

The programme is dated 28th consecutive year in London, which is 1900-1901. The bill included Herr Valadon with The Tuppenny Tubes. According to the book by George Jenness on the Egyptian Hall, Valadon introduced this for the Christmas shows starting on 22 December 1900. The date of the programme would therefore be late December 1900 to 1901.

The bill includes ‘Arcana’ which was first produced on 5 November 1887, according to Jenness. ‘Arcana’ continued for at least 8 months into 1888. The likely programme date is therefore 5 November 1887 to some point during 1888.

1880 is pencilled on the cover, but the date is more likely early 1881. The programme includes the sketch ‘The Temptations of Good St. Anthony’ which, according to Jenness in his Egyptian Hall book, was introduced on 11 November 1880. Jenness also says that on 27 January 1881 Maskelyne announced that there would be no evening performances on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, which is consistent with the details in this programme.