Maskelyne and Cooke programme for the Egyptian Hall, 22nd consecutive year

The 22nd consecutive year is 1894-1895. According to the book on the Egyptian Hall by George Jenness, the first production of the sketch ‘Modern Witchery’ was on 6 August 1894. It seems a similar programme was continued until Easter 1895, at which time the Birth of Flora was first shown. This programme is therefore probably between August 1894 and Easter 1895.


Size 4 pages, 130 x 205mm
Date Probably between August 1894 and Easter 1895.
People , ,
Acts Mr. Maskelyne with elegant jugglery; Mr. F. Cramer on Metzler's Organo Piano; 'The Artist's Dream'; Mechanical and Automatic Orchestra; Mr. David Devant; the sketch 'Modern Witchery'.
Ref no N2047 Pr.EH99