The rabbit is supported on a spring so that it will move when the pencil is used. Written on the pencil is ABRACADABRA TAIWAN D56. This is an example of ‘pipitis’, the condition which leads magicians to collect items associated with cards, dice, top hats, rabbits etc.

This simple automaton comes in kit form. As the handle is turned, Hartley repeatedly pulls a carrot out of the ground. The kit was made by Mundos Bizarro, Wysing Arts, Bourn, Cambs, CB3 7TX and assembled by John Davenport.

This noise maker from The National Trust in the UK is of traditional design: turn it upside down, and when it is turned the right way up it makes a loud ‘Baa’ noise. Made in Taiwan.

This is unusual. To power up the rat you pull a thread which comes out of the back of the rat. This winds up a rubber band inside the body. When the thread is released the rubber band drives a roller which takes the rat forward.

When the lid is hinged open, a spring loaded figure pops up. Handmade by Jack in the Box Company, Melton Constable, Norfolk.