When the card is taken out of the envelope a ring revolves making a noise which frightens the person opening it. The ring is on rubber bands that need to be wound up before the card is put in the envelope. Inside is a picture of Chad and the message ‘Wot! Hav’yer been had?’. A BRITISH NU PRODUCT. The item was produced by a wholesale novelty company called Novelties Unlimited. This explains the NU trademark. The company was owned by Jack Klaw, who also traded as Klawvana. Unfortunately the ring and rubber bands are missing, but take a look at Ref. No. N1371 to see what should be there.

To play the game, the balls are placed in the centre of the bowl and the top is spun. As it spins it knocks some or all of the balls into the holes around the edge. Each hole has a number and the winner of the game is the person who gets the highest total for the balls in the holes. The red ball counts double.

This brilliant automaton was designed by Ron Fuller. As the handle is turned, the sheep uses the scissors to try and shear the man’s hair. However, each time it tries, the man ducks down below the scissors. Nevertheless, after about ten attempts, the man leaves it too late to duck and his head is chopped off. The cycle then repeats.

The word JAPAN is just visible on the mouse’s collar. The design is an imitation of a German Schuco mechanical mouse. Note that the Davenport advertisement refers to Mickey Mouse, presumably a good selling point.

The well dressed tinplate bear has a collar with the word ‘Foreign’ on it. It is either a bear made by Schuco from Germany, or a very good imitation.