When spun quickly the top flips onto its stem, in which position it continues to spin. Maya Organic, an Indian company, is in 2022 called Fairkraft Creations. The company uses lacware artisans of Channapatna in Karnataka, India. It is coloured with natural dies.

We have two examples in the colours shown. When spun quickly the top flips onto its stem, in which position it continues to spin. Moulded into the top is PAT APPL NO 656540 | TIPPEE TOP | MADE IN ENGLAND | CHRISTIE & JAY LTD.

This rubber monkey has a pin to attach it to your lapel. At the back of the monkey is a nozzle where a rubber tube should be attached. On the other end of the tube there should be a rubber bulb which, when squeezed, inflates the monkey’s arms and legs which unfold and fly out. The tube and bulb should be hidden from sight so that, when someone comes close all they see is the monkey. At this moment the wearer squeezes the bulb and the monkey suddenly appears alive as the arms and legs fly out, much to the surprise of the onlooker.

This lady was made out of rubber. Sadly, the example in our collection is now perished. In her heyday, if you squeezed her tummy she underwent a wardrobe malfunction. The advertisement is from the Demon Telegraph of November 1951. View Details if you are an adult.

This well made cube consists of twelve pyramids which are hinged together and which contain magnets. The initial puzzle is how to open it up. Once open, it can be flexed to create many different shapes. Click on View Details to see examples of the shapes which can be made. This example was purchased from Grand Illusions in the UK. The product is made under licence in the Peoples Republic of China for www.geobender.com.

All of the furniture is cut from a single block of wood, without any loss. It is quite a puzzle to fit the pieces together to recreate the original block, as shown in the other illustrations. The number 43847 is the sample number from the unknown Japanese company.