The novel design, which takes advantage of the flexibility of the bamboo, allows the bowl to be folded flat for easy storage. Produced under the Adorn brand for Solus Garden and Leisure Ltd. Solus are no longer trading.

Purchased new in 2013 at the shop of the Museum of Arts and Crafts, Hamburg. This is a modern example of a traditional toy, made from the bark of palm trees. When the stick is twisted between your fingers, the tiger throws out its arms and legs in an animated dance.

This is a plated vesta case, used for carrying matches. The side has a spring activated panel revealing a bedroom scene in gilt, the gentleman activated by a wheel providing propulsion. The striker is on the base of the box.

Folded by good friend David Hay. David printed out the grid using a CAD package and then used his expert origami skills to fold the model. The many folds ensure that the model is very flexible, to the extent that it can be turned inside out.

This is an adult novelty gift rather than a toy. Created by Bluesky design for Paladone Products Ltd, Made of clear plastic.

This product is badged the MAD museum. MAD stands for Mechanical Art & Design. It is an excellent museum and exhibition of automata and novelty items in Stratford-upon-Avon in England. The name of the product derives from the fact that, in addition to the crayon at the tip, the length of the crayon holds another five crayon tips each of a different colour. The tips are interchangeable, so that the crayon can be used for a total of six different colours.

This miniature book was made for model makers who wish to decorate their models, castles or dolls houses with interesting objects. It was a gift from magician and friend Tony Middleton in 2014. It came from the Wizard’s Castle which he built.