This is a novelty barometer. The arm of the man rotates to point to the appropriate weather. The address on the front is given as 140, Longsight Terrace, Huncoat. This was a gift to John and Anne Davenport from John Wade around 2009.

When you turn the handle, Anubis raises the pyramid to display a green scarab beetle, before the pyramid drops back on to it. As you continue to turn the handle, the pyramid is lifted again to reveal the scarab beetle on its back – obviously dead. Anubis replaces the pyramid and, as you turn the handle again, the pyramid is lifted to reveal the beetle wrapped in white bandages. The cycle then repeats.

This cleverly designed ball changes colour when it is thrown in the air. It achieves this by flipping its shape in midair. Made in China. No. 2181. Imported by Ackerman Group PLC.

To obtain incredible noises from this device, simply hold the outside of the cylinder with the spring at the bottom. When you shake the cylinder from side to side, this makes the spring vibrate, the noise from which is amplified by the membrane on one end of the cylinder. This creates noises that rival the sound of loud thunder.

Copyright Kikkerland Design. The battery powered design is most unusual. The long minute hand functions in the normal way. However the short hour hand is printed on the white circular background, which itself rotates once every twelve hours.