This box allows you to show it as empty, or full of cigarettes, or indeed any other object that fits. The box, and others like it, were made in Japan. This one comes complete with its original instructions. Another example is item N2481.

Give the pencil to a friend and they will be surprised when they try and write with it. The pencil has on it: Demon Series L.D. London Foreign.

A diary is seen left behind on a table. Sticking out from between the pages is what looks like a bank note. But when a light fingered person looks inside, they see a dummy note with the message ‘Hard luck – better luck next time’.

This was a set put out by Davenports. This particular box was a gift from Philip Treece in 2018. Philip had another example which also contained a small metal box, with a demon head sticker on it, which was used to contain gum. The photograph of this is shown courtesy of Philip Treece.

This is an interesting compendium in that the outer box contains six smaller boxes, each of which contains a game. On each of the sides of the smaller boxes is a picture of a part of a person’s body. So yet another game or puzzle is to replace the smaller boxes back in the larger box to create a consistent picture. Made in Japan.

As the Davenport advertisement says: ‘Excellent fun when dropped into a friend’s beer! Causes great amusement at Evening Parties.’