One end of the pencil is the usual lead point, but the other end is made of rubber – a surprise for anyone who tries to write with it. The advertisement is from a Davenport catalogue.

When an unsuspecting person pulls the pointed metal cap off the end of the pencil, the pencil suddenly explodes in their hand. There is no explosive cap, but it is certainly a surprise. Made in Germany.

Many people struggle with eating spaghetti without making a mess. With this fork all you need do is hold the fork in one hand and push the prongs into the spaghetti. With your other hand wind the handle on the end of the fork and the spaghetti is neatly wound on to the prongs, ready to be popped into your mouth.

The man has lead weights for his feet and a wooden roller between his legs. When placed on a gentle slope the man will roll down, staying upright because of the weight of his lead feet. A partial translation of the words on the tray held by the man is ‘General distributor for shoelaces’. Made in Germany and marked D.R.G.M.

When your friends find this realistic bee in an unexpected place they will be alarmed.