Deveen The Distinguished Deceiver assisted by The New York Blondes. Written on the back of the postcard is: New Year’s Eve. With New Year’s Greetings. Until Jan 4th Royal Yacht Hotel, Jersey. Hope you’re quite fit Gus. (Gus is Gus Davenport, one of Lewis Davenport’s sons.)

Albert Smith was a larger than life Victorian character and, among other things, a great showman. His talks on the ascent of Mont Blanc at the Egyptian Hall were very popular. This item is an engraving by D. J. Pound from a photograph by Mayall. John Jabez Edwin Mayall was a well known photographer. Daniel John Pound was also well known, not least for translating photographs by Mayall, and other photographers, into engravings. See also N1463 in this EPHEMERA section for an Albert Smith token for the Egyptian Hall Museum, 1860.