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Coin Stack, including a Gus Davenport routine

This coin stack is from The Kaymar Magic Co. in Billericay, England. It was a gift from Harry Baron, the owner, to John Davenport in 1986. Six tenpenny pieces are placed in a stack on the back of a spectator’s hand, and then covered with the tray from a matchbox. The cover is lifted, the tenpenny pieces have vanished, and in their place is a stack of pound coins. Complete with instructions which give a routine by Harry Baron. The instructions also include a routine by Gus Davenport who was a very good friend of Harry. Harry explains that Gus made quite a cameo out of this trick in the earlier days when people were familiar with collar studs that men had in their collars. Gus would patter about Lord Derby, a famous racehorse owner of the time, who was also an inveterate one for making wagers. The story is that he was induced to wager his valuable Stud of horses on a certain race. The stake of cash was put up (represented by the stack of coins). However the culmination of the proceedings was that the gambler lost his money and Lord Derby still had his “STUD” . . . at which point the matchbox is lifted to show that the coins have vanished leaving a STUD in their place.

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Date Circa 1980s.
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