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Amac’s Educated Pencil

The magician places the pencil in the tube, places the end caps on it and then shakes the tube ‘to put the fluence on the pencil’. When the magician removes the pencil from the tube, he is able to balance the pencil on its end. The spectator examines everything and repeats the process, but cannot get the pencil to stand up. However, the magician succeeds every time. The yellow pencil featured here was once the possession of Cambridge magician Claude Perry. A Davenport advertisement for this effect is also illustrated.

Various versions of the pencil were sold. The collection contains red and yellow pencils. Some have no writing on them, others have AMAC PATENT written on the pencil on one side, and still others have AMAC PATENT on one side and DEMON SERIES L. D. LONDON on the other. Some had red end caps, others black end caps. Examples are shown in the composite photograph illustrated here.

There are two different versions of the instructions. One, from the Amac Novelty Co., is single sided on green paper 100 x 325mm. The other, which looks very much like Davenports style of printing, is on white paper 100 x 225mm. This version says Copyright 1938, but no dealer’s name is given.

Item Details

Size Total length with end caps 80mm.
Date One set of instructions is Copyright 1938.
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