These seals were found with an advertising leaflet put out by W.R.F. Avery & Co. There are two types of seal, both with the Davenport Demon Series logo in the middle. One had ‘Sugared Almonds Samples’ around the edge, the other ‘Eau de Cologne The Mark of Quality’. We do not know if these seals were samples from Avery, or whether Davenports actually used them on joke products. Either way, it seems likely that Davenports purchased their seals from Avery.

The Avery leaflet is illustrated in View Details. Its purpose was to encourage customers to purchase seals commemorating the coronation of King Edward VIII, which was scheduled for 11 May 1937. Examples of such seals are shown on page 3 of the leaflet. In fact the King abdicated in December 1936, so there was no coronation for him.

The 1948 advertisement (illustrated here) describes a long sheet of paper printed in red and black showing Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall. To the well-known Nursery Rhyme, the magician tears up the sheet to illustrate how Humpty Dumpty had a great fall and became broken in pieces. The magician continues the story; ‘All the King’s Horses and all the King’s Men could not put Humpty together again’. Maybe not, but the magician squeezes the pieces and when opened out into a long strip again, there is Humpty back sitting on the wall. This trick came out in the period of post war shortages. A simple red and black picture would have suited the period. The example in the collection, shown here, is in red and green and is probably from the 1980s. This is a Davenports item, confirmed by the LD & Co in the bottom left corner and the DEMON on the standard carried by the horseman.

When you indent a disc and place it on a flat surface, after a while it will spring back into its original position and jump several feet into the air. Advice on how best to make it jump may be found here. The Davenport demon trademark is stamped into the disc.

When you shake the card, the short length of fine chain creates different faces for the person. Faces may look amusing, happy or sad, depending on how the chain settles. Imported, almost certainly from Germany. Note the Demon Series trademark printed on the card. The advertisement is from a Davenports catalogue. N2511 is a version of this printed in Great Britain.

Show this to your friend and explain that to see the best effect they need to hold the kaleidoscope against their eye and slowly rotate it. What they don’t realize is that they will end up with a black ring around their eye from the soot on the end of the kaleidoscope.

Give the pencil to a friend and they will be surprised when they try and write with it. The pencil has on it: Demon Series L.D. London Foreign.

This appears to be an ordinary graphite pencil, but you tell your friends that it can write either red, white or blue. They fail to get the pencil to do this. The laugh is on them when you take the pencil and use it to spell out the words red, white or blue. The illustrated advertisement from a Davenport catalogue is either a more complicated version with a green wire, or it may be that this wire is missing on this particular example.

A sheet of glass is placed in the mahogany box which is then closed. A ball bearing is placed on the top of the glass and it then magically sinks slowly through the glass and falls out of the bottom of the box. Everything may be examined. This Davenports item is stamped with a demon head trademark on the inside of the lid. The trick was sold complete with a felt lined storage box. Also illustrated is a Davenport advertisement that makes it clear the firm was not pleased about what they considered to be American ‘rip offs’. The effect and secret is described on page 164 of ‘Further Classic Magic with Apparatus’ by Robert J. Albo.

These high quality wands were made specially for Davenports. They are stamped DEMON to signify that are are the proper Davenports product.

The magician searches for a match, but when the matchbox is opened there are no matches in it. A magic wave and when the box is next opened there are some matches inside. Examination of the lid of the box reveals the initials LD and the Davenport demon head trademark.