This item was found with Wyn Davenport’s sewing and embroidery accessories. Research on the internet suggests that its purpose was to assist in making woollen flowers. The pins which protrude from the circumference of the disc can be retracted by twisting the knurled knob in the centre of the disc. The words on the disc read MADE IN FRANCE| BREVETÉ| L.K. PARIS.

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The September 2020 issue included:
– Cecil Lyle’s Chocolate Box Illusion.
– The Egyptian Hall, 19th century lithographs.
– Novelties and toys – old and new.
– David Devant, Walter R. Booth and early cinema.
– A talk about John Ramsay by Dr E.A. Dawes.

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In 1926 Lewis Davenport, his wife Wynne and children Gus and Wyn toured South African theatres. They travelled there and back on R.M.S. Arundel Castle. These souvenirs made of electroplated nickel silver (EPNS) would come from this trip. The postcard showing the steamer is from the same period, no doubt also collected on the trip.

On 9 February 2012 Anne Goulden gave this talk at the British Music Hall study group in London. It follows Lewis Davenport’s performing career from around 1900 to around 1930 and explains how he juggled his time between his magic business, music hall work, and other performances. On the way it provides an overview of the different types of variety entertainment during the period.

Anne Goulden gave this talk at the IBM British Ring Convention, Bournemouth on 25 September 2014.
While Wyn toured with her parents in the 1920s, she collected autographs from many magicians and variety acts. Anne Goulden brings these characters to life in a well illustrated talk.

This belonged to Wyn Davenport and was up on the wall in her bedroom at Ivydene, the family home. On the back of the head is written Regd. No: 845003. Wyn played an important role in the Davenports business and performing activities. However her input is often overlooked because of a focus on her brothers, particularly George (Gilly) and Gus.