The magician shows that this magical stick can turn upside down in the air. It can also move in magical ways when being held by the magician. The routine used by Oswald Williams is not known. The stick has a purpose built case with the name Oswald Williams on it.

It is very difficult to find reliable information on the salaries paid to variety acts. In this article Anne Goulden reports on Oswald Williams’ act at the Leicester Palace and compares his salary with the other acts on the bill. These are recorded in a salaries book which belongs to the British Music Hall Society Archive.

Anne Goulden gave this talk at the IBM British Ring Convention, Bournemouth on 25 September 2014.
While Wyn toured with her parents in the 1920s, she collected autographs from many magicians and variety acts. Anne Goulden brings these characters to life in a well illustrated talk.

Programmes of this type have the printer’s date at the bottom left of the third page. The date when this programme was presented to the public is not given. The pages illustrated are 1, 12 and a compilation of pages which together show the billing matter for all the acts.