The image is signed by Levante with the date 1954. This souvenir most likely originated from Cambridge magician Claude Perry, who went to see Levante at the New Theatre, Cambridge on week commencing Monday, 22 November 1954.

In a 1939 Davenports ‘Demon Telegraph’ this was advertised as the Great Canary Vanish, as featured by the Great Levante at all the leading music halls. There is a Davenport demon seal on the top of the caddy.

The collection contains cine film taken by the family, much of it from the 1930s. The film has been transferred to tape, and more recently converted to an electronic form, in order to preserve the images. During this process some of the more interesting frames have been printed out as photographs. The magician on the top sheet of photographs shown here is Gus Davenport performing in Berlin in 1937. The face of Ottokar Fischer can be seen in one of the photographs lower down in the pile.