Deveen The Distinguished Deceiver assisted by The New York Blondes. Written on the back of the postcard is: New Year’s Eve. With New Year’s Greetings. Until Jan 4th Royal Yacht Hotel, Jersey. Hope you’re quite fit Gus. (Gus is Gus Davenport, one of Lewis Davenport’s sons.)

This catalogue from Davenports was devoted to silk tricks. It was unusual in that some of the inside pages were in colour. Based on clues from the contents of the catalogue, the likely date is 1935. The Gussie the Duck silk was named after Gus Davenport. Also illustrated in the catalogue is Gilly the Hound (named after Gilly Davenport) and Wally the Wolf (named after Wally Davenport).

The American magician Frank Lane (real name Caldwell) and his wife Frances were very good friends of the Davenport family. For some reason, the family was always rude, in a jokey way, to Frank. This cardboard badge was home made for Gus Davenport to wear when he collected Frank Lane who was visiting the Davenport family in Kent. Frank was amused.