Painted on board by Peter Warlock in 1982. John and Anne Davenport asked Peter to paint this on the theme of items relating to the Davenport family and business. It includes ‘Enchanted Petals, a floral mystery’, an effect that Peter devised and which was marketed by Davenports. Peter’s signature can be seen in the bottom right hand corner on a Magic Circle card.

Originally commissioned by Richard Stupple, the painting was completed by Peter in 1985. A postcard of Richard Stupple is at the top. It just so happens that a postcard of Lewis Davenport is visible in the middle.

When the silvered pieces are pushed out from the card and formed into the correct shape, they can be used to turn any flat image into the faces of a dodecahedron. It came into the collection as part of the Grand Illusions ( Christmas Pack 2018/2019. The item was originally a handout at G4G12 (Gathering 4 Gardner 12), copyright 2016 Roger G. Gilbertson. It is shown with his permission.

This joke optical illusion card is Copyright 2001 James Dalgety. It came into the collection as part of the Grand Illusions ( Christmas Pack 2018/2019. James based it, with permission, on a much earlier card that he saw when he visited the Davenport Collection. Should you follow the instructions on the card, you won’t see a nodding donkey, but people watching you will see one.

As you walk past the head it turns to follow you. John & Anne Davenport in 2012 commissioned Josie Camus in Cambridge to make this as a gift for Roy & Anne Davenport. Its purpose was to mark the opening of Davenports Magic Kingdom in 2013. It was given to Roy & Anne on 18 Dec 2012.

This electrically driven illusion was made in 2014 by Cambridge magician and engineer Tony Middleton for display at the British Magic Museum. As the spiral rotates it appears to move upwards with the two crystals suspended in space. A commercially available spiral illusion was used.