Hand painted multiple with lithography, 2008. This was an edition of 35, and this is copy 9. Patrick Hughes pioneered the exploitation of ‘reversperspective’ producing images that appear to follow you around when you walk past them. For more on Patrick Hughes see www.patrickhughes.co.uk.

Purchased by John Davenport from Tim Rowett (Grand Illusions) at the 2008 International Puzzle Party 28 in Prague. When you tilt the card up and down, the letters G – I move across the card from left to right. Presumably this stands for Grand-Illusions.

This book is full of pre-punched cardboard pages, printed in colour, from which the box shapes can be pressed out and folded. Published in 1998 by Benedikt Taschen Verlag GmbH.

This is an amazing illusion in which, as you walk around a room looking at the dragon, it turns its head so that it appears to be following you. The design was downloaded from the web and constructed by John Davenport circa 2008. The design was originally produced for Gathering for Gardner 3 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA 16-18 January 1998. Copyright 1998 Binary Arts Corporation. It was inspired by the work of Jerry Andrus.

Painted on board by Peter Warlock in 1982. John and Anne Davenport asked Peter to paint this on the theme of items relating to the Davenport family and business. It includes ‘Enchanted Petals, a floral mystery’, an effect that Peter devised and which was marketed by Davenports. Peter’s signature can be seen in the bottom right hand corner on a Magic Circle card.