The magician places some coins in a glass which is placed on top of the metal cylinder above the red top of the frame. On command, the coins are seen and heard to drop down the glass ladder which is supported from the top of the frame. They land in a hat placed underneath the ladder and the magician then shows that the glass, which was placed at the top, is now empty. Manufactured by Conradi Horster in Germany and sold by many dealers throughout the world.

The magician is able to produce a coin on the end of the wand at any desired moment. For this particular wand, the coin is a half crown dated 1967. Harry Carson made this wand, using the wand Ref. no. N237 as a model. Harry’s daughter Sally gave it to John and Anne Davenport as a gift in 2004.

The magician asks a spectator to mark a coin so that it can be recognised again. The coin is vanished (by your favourite method!) and is found trapped inside these two plates which are bound together with numerous rubber bands. A Davenport demon head is embossed on the front of each cover.

A nest of four bakelite boxes, the outer one of which is decorated with a Davenport demon head trademark. The magician vanishes a coin and then it is found in the inner of the four boxes.