The concept for this box is novel, but perhaps not practical because the coins tend to slide out of their locations when the cardboard coin is held vertically. Davenports put this on the market in the 1930s and advertised it in their catalogues for four shillings – see illustration.

Davenports sold this chrome plated champagne bucket under the name of the ‘Demon Coin Act’ in the 1950s. The magician uses it to produce coins singly or even in cascades. The Davenport advertisement says that the bucket was made by Max Andrews’ “Vampire” brand.

The tray is used to add a number of coins to those already on the tray. This coin tray was one of a number of Davenport items which were produced in red bakelite. The outline of the Davenport demon head was moulded into the design of each of them. Some coin trays have the same design but are of a much darker red colour.