A spectator secretly sets the hand of the clock to an hour of her choosing and then slides the cover over the clock to hide the clock face. On taking the clock back, the magician is able to divine the correct hour to which the clock was set.

This clock has an incredible story. The German magician Punx (Ludwig Hanemann) became a good friend of Lewis Davenport before World War II. During the war Punx found himself in a prisoner of war camp in Wales. Lewis Davenport showed great kindness by sending him cigarettes and magic tricks. To repay this kindness, Punx arranged for this clock to be made and sent to the Davenport family. The clock is covered in pictures familiar to magicians, with a Davenport Demon trademark on the pendulum and the emblem of the German Magic Circle on the weight. The full story is told by Punx in his own words in his book ‘Farewell Performance’.

Sold by Davenports, and probably imported from Bartl in Germany. This is a transposition of a ringing alarm clock and a pocket watch from one stand to another. Davenports sold the trick for £20 around 1930.