The magician hands out the card houlette to be examined and then gets three cards selected by the audience. The cards are placed back into the pack which is placed in the houlette on the end of the wand. The magician then makes the cards rise one at a time. The houlette and wand come apart so that the houlette can be examined by the audience.

This nickel plated apparatus has a removable card houlette at the top of the pillar. The audience selects some cards and returns them to the pack. At the command of the magician the cards rise slowly from the pack. Manufactured in Germany.

This trick was invented by Brian MacCarthy. The performer is able to mysteriously pass a playing card through this wand. The wand is stamped DEMON on one of the white ends.

As advertised by Davenports: The performer shows a large picture frame which is perfectly empty. Three cards are chosen from the pack and shuffled back into it. The pack of cards is then thrown at the frame and as they strike it the three chosen cards suddenly appear behind the glass. According to Claude Perry, this particular one used to belong to John Gambling, before Claude bought it. In 1992 Claude presented it to John Davenport.

A card is selected and replaced in the pack which is shuffled and then spread out on a table. This battery powered spooky hand moves in an eerie way and discovers the chosen card. Complete with instructions. This was a gift from Cambridge magician and good friend Tony Middleton in 2015.

A complete piquet pack of giant cards with some special additional cards. There is a Davenport advertisement for this product on the back page of the December 1923 ‘Magic Wand’ magazine. The cards were supplied by Davenports in a black card case with a Davenport demon sticker on the inside of it. The cards were made by Frommann and Morian in Darmstadt. For packs sold in the UK the German origin of the cards was sometimes blacked out. A second pack of cards in the collection was retailed by Vampire magic (Max Andrews) in England.