This noise maker from The National Trust in the UK is of traditional design: turn it upside down, and when it is turned the right way up it makes a loud ‘Baa’ noise. Made in Taiwan.

This is unusual. To power up the rat you pull a thread which comes out of the back of the rat. This winds up a rubber band inside the body. When the thread is released the rubber band drives a roller which takes the rat forward.

When the lid is hinged open, a spring loaded figure pops up. Handmade by Jack in the Box Company, Melton Constable, Norfolk.

This is a reproduction of a Victorian Sand Toy. The clown performs acrobatic feats, powered by a mill turned by hand. Tobar Limited, Norfolk, England.

This ‘bare bones’ music box from Tobar Ltd, England was readily available in the UK. While not very melodious, it has the advantage that it is excellent for explaining to people how a cylinder music box works, if they are not familiar with the mechanism.