The apparatus includes two coloured handkerchiefs with rings on the corners. By placing the rings of the red handkerchief over the red rod, the handkerchief becomes a bag which is given to one volunteer to hold on the end of the rod. Another volunteer holds the yellow rod with the yellow bag on the other side of the stage. The plot is simple: six coins are placed in each bag and magically three transfer from one bag to the other. These words do not do justice to the entertainment value that can be derived by a skilled children’s entertainer. Sold by Ken Brooke’s Magic Place. Complete with instructions which are full of bits of business.

A spectator selects a card from the pack, signs it and puts it back in the pack. After some usually humorous byplay, the magician takes out his wallet and finds the signed card zipped up in the inner compartment. Unknown supplier.

An audience member takes a card and the magician has fun trying to identify it with the help of spectacles stored in a smart spectacles case. It’s an unusual and entertaining way of identifying a chosen card.

The magician invites a spectator to insert her finger into a hole that passes through a transparent frame. The magician then slides a solid blade into the top slot and lowers the blade. Magically, the blade penetrates completely through the spectator’s finger. Magicians have invented numerous guillotine illusions in the past, however none have utilised the principle incorporated in Smart Guillotine. Complete with instructions in Japanese and English.

The International Brotherhood of Magicians British Ring held their 8th Annual Convention at Malvern in 1938. On Friday 24 June the Davenport family took a 16mm colour film of Esmé Levante escaping from bonds underwater. This stunt was arranged to provide publicity for the convention’s public magic show.