The novelty of this card is the simple way that the folding of the edges of the card creates a 3D design with a distinct Art Deco theme. The back of the card simply says: ‘Handmade by Jenny’.

At The Magic Circle Collectors’ Day in 1996 there was a sale of some of Tommy Cooper’s possessions. The proceeds went to The Magic Circle Headquarters Fund and the Grand Order of Water Rats. This pack consists of several items: a walkerprint postcard with Tommy’s caricature, a Tommy Cooper stamp, a card trick, and a ball point pen which has on it a caricature of Tommy and the words STOLEN FROM TOMMY COOPER.

‘The Daily Graphic’ of 28 December 1904, page 5, carried a review of the Chapender show and reminded readers that the Egyptian Hall would soon close prior to its demolition. The piece includes an excellent sketch of the Hall by Ernest Hicks Oliver and provides a photograph illustrating a scene from the sketch ‘The Miser’. J.N. Maskelyne had arranged for Chapender to take over the show because he was busy making arrangements for the opening of the Maskelyne shows at St. George’s Hall.

The date is probably late December 1904, because the season started on Boxing Day. J.N. Maskelyne was busy making arrangements for the opening of St. George’s Hall, so he arranged for Martin Chapender to take over the final weeks of the lease on the Egyptian Hall, prior to its demolition. The season ran from Boxing Day to Saturday 21 January 1905. The show was very well received by audiences and the press.