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The musical Ford family

After the death of Lewis Davenport’s first wife, Julia, he married again. His new wife Wynne, born in 1891, came from a musical family. Her parents Mr and Mrs Ford had six children. The story goes that Mr Ford went to the music hall one day and saw a novelty music act. He thought that Wynne and her brother Sid could do that, so he built some instruments (he was a skilled woodworker) and they started entertaining. The act became Forde & Forde, Refined Musical Speciality Artistes. In later years Sid performed as Max Prinzen. He also ran Max Ford’s Melody Makers. He can be seen sitting in the middle in the attached photograph of the Melody Makers. Wynne’s sister Ede was also an accomplished accordian player. After marrying Lewis, Wynne maintained her musical skills. For example, The Performer of 2 March 1916 reported on a Magicians’ Club Ladies’ Night entertainment at which Wynne contributed her musical act with a phono fiddle and xylophone.

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Date Early to mid 20th century
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Acts Forde and Forde; Max Prinzen; Max Ford's Melody Makers
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