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Tee-To-Tum Club letter concerning a Lewis Davenport medal, 1903

The letter reads: Dear Sir, I have pleasure in sending your medal herewith. I also enclose contract for booking. If you wish can let you have posters (with your name on) similar to attached when printed. Best wishes, A.R. MacKay. The letter gives no clue as to what the medal relates to, but we know from The Encore of 29 January 1903 that Lewis entered an Amateur Variety Competition at the Tee-To-Tum Club on 22 January. We learn that ‘Lewis Davenport, a neat conjuror with a budget of clean tricks, scored a third’ which won him the medal. The letter also mentions a contract. We know from item N2923 that this contract was for a booking on 30 May 1903. We are lucky that the Davenport Collection has a copy of the poster for this booking, item N690.

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Size Single sided, 205 x 265mm.
Date 7 February 1903
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Ref no N2922 Ep.Dav65