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Silks for the Demon Conjuring Thriller

As 12 silks are produced from a Ghost Tube, each one is shown illustrating an amusing story. The patter story is by Norman Hunter. The advertisement for the trick in the first Demon Telegraph dated Augst 1933 tells us that ‘These special DEMON SILKS are beautifully printed on best quality silk and in four or five colours. Each one is a real work of art.’ All of the silks and Norman Hunter’s patter may be seen in the PDF. Although the illustration in the Demon Telegraph shows a Fireman, and the patter (see the PDF) mentions a Fireman, this set of silks contains a Scotsman rather than a Fireman. More interestingly, the Scotsman silk and the Jelly silks have different borders to the other silks and look very much like Harry Leat silks. It is tempting to think that Davenports ran out of the advertised silks and replaced them with Leat silks.

Item Details

Size 18 inch square silks.
Date 1930s
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