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Silk programme for the Grand Opening of the Empire Palace Theatre, Sheffield, 4 November 1895

This programme is in the Paul Kieve Collection. We are grateful for his permission in 2019 to display it on this website. The programme lists 13 items which can be found by clicking on View Details. Interestingly, the programme states: Owing to the extreme length of the programme, the public are respectfully requested not to indulge in indiscriminate encores, otherwise part of it must necessarily be omitted.

Item Details

Size Size 430 x 280mm. Double sided.
Date 4 November 1895
People , , , , , , , , , ,
Acts 'God Save the Queen'; Overture; Lottie Lynne; Bernard Armstrong; Salerno; Oakland and Thompson; F.W. Mills; Musical selection; Cora Stuart and Company; Nellie Christie; Frantz Family; Will Evans; Spry and Austin
Ref no N1873 Pr.Other10