Savage Club House Dinner, David Devant in the Chair, 6 March 1915. Copy of menu card

The Savage Club was, and in 2020 still is, a gentleman’s club based in London. This item is a copy of the menu card when Devant was presiding. The artwork is signed by Harry May Hemsley. Hemsley knew Devant well and it is worth looking at high magnification at the many amusing sketches that Hemsley has taken from Devant’s supposed life. Devant often used Hemsley to provide him with cartoons which he used for newspaper advertisements. The second illustration, a framed menu card, was on display on the wall at the Savage Club in London in 2019.


Size The copy is 295 x 380mm. The one at the Savage Club, as framed, is 200 x 290mm.
Date 6 March 1915
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