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Miss Emily Faithfull at the Egyptian Hall in 1875

Emily Faithfull was an author, founder of The Victoria Press and championed legal reform in women’s status, women’s employment, and improved educational opportunities for girls and women. The advertisement for her appearance at the Egyptian Hall does not make clear what ‘the succession of highly interesting readings’ might cover. There was a cutting, from an unknown newspaper, pasted below the advertisement which is less than flattering about a paper read by Miss Faithfull. Although the date of this cutting (illustrated) is probably 1875, it is not clear whether it refers to her appearance at the Egyptian Hall. This is one of the items contained in a wooden box of 19th century ephemera, mainly relating to the Egyptian Hall. To view all the items from the box, click on View Details and then the Key Phrase ‘Wooden box items’.

Item Details

Size The advertisement is 135 x 105mm.
Date 7 July 1875
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Ref no N1981 Ep.EH36