Maskelyne’s Mysteries, St. George’s Hall, printer’s date 20 August 1926

The acts on the programme are spread over several pages. The second illustration shown here is a compilation of the relevant parts of each page. Note that the second half of the programme is “Hullo Maskelyne” invented, written and produced by Oswald Williams.


Size 12 pages, 185 x 245mm.
Date Printer's date 20 August 1926
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Acts Overture; Kathleen and Kent Marvellos; Jack Le Dair; Basil King; Douglas Dexter; Jasper Maskelyne; "Hello Maskelyne", an all magic show in ten swindles. It involved Oswald Williams, Jasper Maskelyne, Cryil Yettmah, Jack Le Dair, Douglas Dexter, Harry Hemsley.
Ref no N1890 Pr.SGH13