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Maskelyne and Devant giveaway featuring ‘Another Pillar Box Mystery’

This giveaway lists three performers in the St. George’s Hall show: Warwick Pryce; Charles Morritt; E.A. Maskelyne. On the evidence of the programmes in the Davenport Collection, all these performers and the listed illusions were in the show in October 1913. The pillar box illusion was introduced by Morritt in June 1913 under the name ‘From Pillar to Post’. Shortly afterwards the name was changed to ‘Another Pillar Box Mystery’.

Item Details

Size Double sided card, maximum dimensions 75 x 150mm.
Date October 1913
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Acts Mr. Warwick Pryce; Mr. Charles Morritt; Mr. E.A. Maskelyne.
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Ref no N1911 Pr.SGH14