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Maskelyne and Cooke Egyptian Hall programme, 29th consecutive year

29th consecutive year, 1901-1902. There is more than one copy in the collection. One copy has the hand written date June 1902. The bill includes the sketch ‘The Entranced Fakir’, the first performance of which was on 6 April 1901, according to the book on the Maskelynes at the Egyptian Hall by George Jenness. The date must therefore be no earlier than this. It was in ‘The Entranced Fakir’ that Maskelyne first showed his latest, world beating, levitation. Valadon was also on the bill and Animated Photographs were shown. On this programme Mr. E. Morehen plays the part of Fraser in ‘The Entranced Fakir’.

Item Details

Size 4 pink pages,150 x 210mm.
Date Probably 6 April 1901 to 1902. One copy has the hand written date June 1902.
Acts Herr Valadon; Animated Photographs with the electric organ; the sketch 'The Enchanted Fakir'.
Ref no N2114 Pr.EH137