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Maskelyne and Cooke, Egyptian Hall, London

The bill includes ‘The Bloomsbury Proper-ganders of Spiritualism’ which was first produced on 5 November 1887, according to Jenness. The programme includes ‘Special engagement of Mr. Charles Bertram’. Unlike programme Ref. no. N1570, the Christmas holidays are not mentioned. It is therefore possible that this programme is later in the Christmas season 1888. The date might therefore be the first part of 1889.

Item Details

Size 4 pages. This programme has been trimmed so it is now smaller than the original size, which was probably around 205mm x 260mm.
Date Likely to be the first part of 1889.
People ,
Acts Mr. Charles Mellon; 'The Bloomsbury Proper-ganders of Spiritualism' sketch; Mr. Charles Bertram; Mechanical and Automatic Orchestra; 'Will, the Witch and the Watchmen' sketch
Ref no N1571 Pr.EH63