Interesting rolling shape turned by David Springett

This was a gift from expert woodturner David Springett of Rugby in 2003. When rolled down a slope, the shape takes a drunken path. At first sight it is hard to see how such a shape could be turned. The answer is that a double cone is turned, split into two halves, and then one half twisted by 90 degrees before being re-joined. The key is to make sure that the section through the double cone is square. The piece is made out of Msaraka wood and finished in Carnauba wax (which comes from the Carnauba palm). For more amazing examples of what can be achieved by this turn-split-twist-rejoin technique, see Ref. no. N2272 and David’s book ‘Woodturning Full Circle’ published in 2008 by Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd, Lewis, BN7 1XU, England.


Date Circa 2003
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Ref no N2271