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Film of the Chefalos visiting the Davenports

The Chefalos and Davenports were good friends. Indeed, when Mr. and Mrs. Chefalo were married in 1939 in Marylebone, London, one of the two witnesses was Augustus (Gus) Davenport. This film clip shows the Chefalos at Ivydene, the Davenport family home. The monkey belonged to the Chefalos: Wyn Davenport recalls that they carried it around in a sponge bag. The final line up of the clip (from left to right) is: Maddelena Chefalo, Chefalo, Betty on Wyn’s shoulders, Lewis, Wynne, Jean on Gilly (George) Davenport’s shoulders, Eve (Gilly’s wife). Presumably Gus took control of the cine camera for the line-up. He was certainly there because we see him laughing with Chefalo on the clip.

The photograph illustrated is of Chefalo with Maddelena and their daughter Triestina in 1940.

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Size 16mm, colour, no sound. 1min 57sec.
Date Circa 1940
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