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Film of the Cardinis visiting Ivydene with their pekingese Me Too

The Cardinis, with their pekingese Me Too, visited the Davenport family home on the same day as a visit by magician Bill McCaa. The time was the late 1930s, when Betty and Jean Davenport were young children; Jean being three years younger than Betty. In the line-up at the start of the clip we see Lewis Davenport, Cardini, Bill McCaa, Cardini’s wife Swan, Gladys (who at some point married Bill McCaa), Lewis’s wife Wynne, Wyn Davenport and young Jean Davenport. Immediately after the line-up we see Eve Davenport showing Me Too to Jean. At the end of the clip, Gus Davenport and Bill McCaa walk towards the cine camera.

Item Details

Size 16mm, black and white, no sound. 1min 38sec.
Date Late 1930s
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Ref no N3012 Film16