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Film of Elly Bartl and Egon von Lautenstein with the Davenports on Hanover station

The Davenports and Bartls were great friends. Elly’s father was János Bartl, from whom Lewis had been buying magic for years. Elly married Egon von Lautenstein who was a popular magician in Germany. If you are waiting for a train, what better way to spend the time than to walk along the platform and show each other tricks? The featured image shows Egon, Elly and Gus Davenport. The second image, which is a still photograph, shows Elly, Wynne Davenport, Egon and Lewis Davenport. Clearly Lewis and Gus took turns to capture the moment.

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Size 16mm, black and white, no sound, 33sec.
Date 1930s
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