This was a gift from Tim Rowett to John Davenport and other attendees at James Dalgety’s puzzle party on 9 June 2001. The idea is to spin the two ball bearings (which are welded together) on a flat surface, and then speed up the spinning rate by blowing on them using the pipe. The balls can be accelerated to an incredibly high rotational speed. The Hurricane Balls were sold by Grand Illusions with LED torches to create amazing illumination patterns.

This joke optical illusion card is Copyright 2001 James Dalgety. It came into the collection as part of the Grand Illusions ( Christmas Pack 2018/2019. James based it, with permission, on a much earlier card that he saw when he visited the Davenport Collection. Should you follow the instructions on the card, you won’t see a nodding donkey, but people watching you will see one.