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The December 2021 issue included:
– a very effective penetration trick from 1933.
– a box from the German magic dealer Carl Willmann, full of apparatus for a shadowgraphy performance.
– rare items from the Maskelyne and Cooke Provincial Company from the 1900 period.
– a 1904 illuminated address to Mr. and Mrs. Devant, concerning their daughter Vida.
– examples of novelties and jokes spanning 100 years.
– new plans for the website in 2022.

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This box contains a large variety of shapes which help the artiste create interesting and complex shadowgraphy images. The contents of the box closely match the items described in Carl Willmann’s book ‘Handschatten-Spiele’. Towards the end of the book he lists various objects and says that ‘All items listed under No. 35 – 106 are packed together in a fine box Mk. 50—.’ This is the box to which he refers. Click View Details to see the additional illustrations of the book and the labels on the packaging of the objects. Some labels mention Bartl and Willmann and others mention Bartl, so at least some of the contents must be circa 1920. Also shown are three examples of the metal and composite objects alongside their illustration in Willmann’s book. From top to bottom, the three objects are: one of the hats for a happy couple; a trombone; a balcony with a bell which can be rung mechanically.